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Paul McCartney – Queenie Eye

[Verse 1]
There were rules you never told me, never came up with a plan
All the stories that you sold me didn't help me understand
But I had to get it worked out, had nobody who could help
So then in the end it turned out that I had to do it by myself
That's the game of rags to riches
Dogs and bitches hunt for fame
Until you think you know which way to turn

Make the day all the switches
Wicked witches fan the flame
Careful what you touch in case you burn

Queenie eye, queenie eye, who's got the ball?
I haven't got it, it isn't in my pocket
O-U-T spells out (out), that's out (out)
Without a shadow of a doubt
She could put it in about (about)
Hear the people shout
Hear the people shout

[Verse 2]
Play the game, taking chances
Every dance is much the same
Doesn't matter which event you choose

Never blame the circumstances
With romances seldom came
Never pick a fight you're gonna lose


It's a long way, to the finish
When you've never been before
I was nervous, but I did it
Now I'm going back for more

Hear the people shout
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